A dreamy & ethereal retreat. "A forward-thinking neighborhood with historic roots”

LOCATION: Lower East Side, NY​

PROJECT: Residential - Private Client


STYLING: Hope Provost

The eclectic Lower East Side is where gritty alleys and tenement-style buildings mix with upscale apartments and chic boutiques. Nighttime draws hip, young crowds to the area's trendy bars, music venues, and restaurants. So how do you make a space surrounded by all that energy and vigor a relaxing respite – that was the challenge! We started with opening things up – the open format kitchen is welcoming and a central hang-out area while cooking & entertaining. The next essential element was to lighten up – museum whites and grey, wide plank hard-wood floors created a tranquil base to work from. We kept dreamy, muted colors in the bedroom and drew from an underwater palette creating an ethereal and calming vibe for the living room. The aesthetic is interesting, serene, and inviting….the perfect spot to wind down and recharge for those mean streets that await.

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