DLAB is a NY based interior design studio driven by the leadership of Stephen Mitchell - his unique vision has been nurtured by decades of knowledge, experience, and expertise in the design industry. Spanning almost twenty years from London to New York, via humble Midwestern roots Stephen has shared his taste and design expertise in some of the most beautiful residential and interior spaces around the world.

A graduate of the American College for the Applied Arts London, he has found his voice, forging a style and influence for discerning clients demanding a unique vision. This vision is fueled by his background in fashion, influenced by culture, art, and travel but most prevalent is his passion for design - This passion is his trademark. 

Using materials, colors, textures, and light he tells individual stories and creates environments tailored specifically to each project. The goal is to refocus luxurious modern living through thoughtful and unique interior design curation.

Our Milestones

DLAL Interiors is founded by Stephen Mitchell in New York.


DLAB Interiors expands it's reach to Miami Beach.


DLAB creates Arch Digest Dining by Design Showcase.


DLAB takes place in our first Elle Decor showhouse.


DLAB continued projects in NY, Miami, and the Hamptons.


We aspire to reach new heights in design excellence.